Audio Essay

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Due Dates:

12 Sep:

20 Sep:

Audio draft for in-class peer review

Written draft for in-class peer review

19 Sep:

Audio and written drafts for in-class presentation and submission in Blackboard by midnight

 Summary of Assignment:

For this assignment, you will re-purpose a portion of your alphabetic Digital Literacy Narrative into a 60-second audio text. Think of this 60-120-second audio text as a prelude to your more detailed alphabetic text. Select only those ideas that seem most pertinent to summarizing your narrative. 60-seconds may seem like a long time, but when recording, you will find that the spoken word covers a lot of space and time.


  1. Begin your audio narrative with a selection of music from Freeplay Music
  2. Include a 60-second portion of your alphabetic narrative that best represents your digital literacy experiences.
  3. End with the same music to signal the closing of your narrative.

We will be spending time in class with developing your audio texts, but you will probably need to find a quiet place to record on a digital recorder or smart phone.

You will also be learning how to edit your audio texts in Audacity. Audacity will give you the opportunity to add music and edit out any “ums” or unnecessary text.  Audacity will also allow you to record in its program, so if you do not have a smart phone or digital recorder, try the recording function in Audacity.

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