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Due Date6 or 12 Dec.

Your final assignment for the semester will be to present your research findings to your classmates.  Think of this presentation as an exercise in sharing ideas to educate your audience.  On 6 Dec, you will begin presenting the results of your research to the class.


  1. I am not requiring a specific format for your presentations; however, your presentations should be 5-10 minutes in length, which includes a couple of minutes for a question and answer session.  (Keep in mind that reading an eight page paper could take about ten minutes).
  2. You may be as creative as you like.  Using visual aids will benefit you in your presentation.  We have access to technology, so consider ways to use PowerPoint, Prezi, videos, CDs, DVDs, etc. to enhance your presentation.  However, make sure you are prepared a couple of days ahead of time to test out the equipment you might need.

Grading Criteria:  (What I will be looking for when you present.)

  1. Accuracy of presentation (clearly articulated argument, counterargument, supporting evidence)
  2. Visual aids/creativity
  3. Professionalism of presentation
  4. 5-10 minute presentation

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